PowerLinks is the only Content and Advertising Server & Exchange. The platform consolidates the management of content recommendation and discovery and the delivery of In-Content and Native Advertisements.

PowerLinks Mission

  • To transform how consumers experience digital content and advertising by delivering it to them at the moment of personal relevance
  • To give premium publishers a comprehensive platform to dramatically improve audience engagement and revenues.
  • To enable advertisers to reach and engage their audiences across premium In-Content and Native ad placements


Advertisers and Demand Platforms are using PowerLinks to:

  • Access high-performance In-Content and Native Advertising inventory across premium global sources
  • Leverage 1st and 3rd party data to engage audiences at the moment of personal relevance
  • Build custom applications, integrate preferred technologies and manage private marketplaces with ease.


Publishers are able to transform how online visitors interact with content and advertising on their site, while retaining full editorial control. PowerLinks' Personal Relevance Platform offers the technology to:

  • Increase premium ad inventory by up to 70%
  • Enhance viewer experience and audience re-circulation through Content Discovery
  • Generate greater revenues

Content and Advertising Server

PowerLinks' unique Content and Advertising Server gives publishers greater control over their premium In-Content and Native Advertising inventory.

The PowerLinks Ad Server enables content-driven user experience to be combined with targeted and relevant advertising and sponsored content leading to improved re-circulation for publishers, higher audience engagement, and a personalized experiences for digital audiences.

Content and Advertising Exchange

The PowerLinks Exchange unifies premium In-Content and Native Advertising inventory across over 1000 leading global publications and networks.

PowerLinks connects buyers and sellers through RTB integrations, APIs and the PowerLinks console to enable data driven trading of Native and In-Content Ads

What our clients say

"When IDG switched to Powerlinks for our In-Content advertising we found the implementation simple, and within a month we had more than doubled the average In-Content revenues on our websites"

Simon Jary, Publishing Director, IDG UK,
using Powerlinks Server & Exchange

"What stands out about the Powerlinks technology is that publishers have full control over their own inventory, as campaigns can be easily set up, managed and modified on the fly through its fluid dashboard interface. When combined with highly granular targeting and measurement capabilities this has allowed us to generate some impressive results across a number of our leading publishers"

Andy Evans, CEO of Net Communities,
using Powerlinks Ad Server

Publishers Using Powerlinks

Advertisers Using Powerlinks

Featured Client

The Denver Post

5th July 2013

The Denver Post is monetizing its online Image galleries using PowerLinks In-Image ads, with plans to roll out our In-Content ads across the site.

The Denver Post is a daily newspaper published in Denver, Colorado in the USA, since 1892.

DenverPost.com receives 4.6 million monthly unique visitors accessing 29 million pages, including 1.8 million mobile page views per month.

The Post is the flagship newspaper of MediaNews Group Inc., which today is one of the USA's largest newspaper chains, publisher of 61 daily newspapers and more than 120 non-daily publications in 13 states.

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