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No matter what your marketing strategy, the PowerLinks DSP has the perfect combination of native ad formats. Just upload your creative and let our intuitive formatting technology do the rest.



In-Feed _ Native Format Title

A high-performance, high share-of-voice format, perfect for branding and awareness campaigns. The unit appears unintrusively within the content feed. Works well across all devices, but mobile-first.

25% more consumers were measured to look at in-feed, native ad placements more than standard banners.

Formats _ In-Feed

Formats _ In-Display Title

Content-led ads with display scale. Upload just one set of existing creatives for all banners across all devices.

Access the same placements at the same price, but with 3-5x uplift in performance.

Formats _ In-Display

Formats Content Rec title

Stand out from the crowd of other recommendations by layering on PowerLinks personal relevance data to align with the context of the page.

A format for direct response and awareness campaigns, desktop-first.

Formats _ Content Recommendation

Video Format Title

PowerLinks supports both native video formats, across all major vendors.

Achieve higher engagement with click-to-play, or views with auto-play.

Formats _ Video

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